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Qualification Criteria


Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered for free repair services:

  • Own and reside in home

  • You are disabled or over 60 years old

  • Income at or below $1,699 per month for a one person household or $2,289  per month for a two person household

  • Homeowners insurance is current

  • Property taxes are up to date

  • Homeowners plans to be in residence for two years

  • Unable physically or financially to complete task  

Submit an Application for Consideration

1. Download the application form or call 517-445-5068 to obtain the form.


2. Complete the application form.

3. Sign the application form.

4. Mail the application form to:   Rebuilding Together Tri-County

                                                       PO BOX 1111

                                                       Okemos, MI 48805-1111


Application Review and Project Selection 

Once your application is received, it is reviewed by the Tri-County Housing Committee. If your household meets the qualification criteria and the repairs are within the scope of our volunteer capabilities, we schedule a site visit with the homeowner(s).  Final selections are made by the Housing Committee.


Projects selected are typically completed during Rebuilding Together's annual Rebuilding Day at the end of April. Additional projects may be selected and scheduled for other times during the year. 

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